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Falstaff Barguide 2015

Thank you Falstaff!  

Display window – 03rd july 2011

Krokodile fliegen nicht (crocodiles don´t fly) -12th may 2011

On the 12th of may 2011 the Krugerstrasse association invited into the Kruger`s american bar to reveal it´s concern for art, cuisine and culture on an evening of cabaret. Maresa Hörbiger, her usual pleasant and chearful self, contributed to that.

Vienna live may 2011

Wiener Barbuch ( Vienna bar book ) – october 2010

The Kruger’s american bar is very proud about the well researched and nicely written part about our bar in the newest  Wiener Barbuch (vienna  bar book).      

Barkeeper of the year contest – 18th june 2009

“die Presse” 15.12.2007 – Alexander van der Bellen

“Hotel and Touristik” (hotel and tourism) – december 2007

Giggle water, swing and butts – Kruger’s 10 year anniversary – 02nd october 2008

Partying like in the 1920’s and 1930’s the Kruger’s bar celebrated it’s ten year anniversary on the first of october. But the Krugerstrasse 5 itself can look back on a much longer tradition – already in the 1920’s it inhabitated one of viennas first cocktail bars called  the Kaiser bar. In the same facilities you can find […]

“Woman” carrier – 26th september 2008